What is this page?

This is an Altmetric details page, which shows the online attention and activity that we’ve found for this research output.

On this details page, you can see all the conversations surrounding the research output in one place. Altmetric collects relevant mentions from social media sites, newspapers, policy documents, blogs, Wikipedia, and many other sources. (Click the help icon located on every tab to find out more about each source of attention.)

To help you put the data in context, we've given the research output an **Altmetric Attention Score**, which is our high-level measure of the quality and quantity of online attention that it has received. The scoring algorithm takes various factors into account, such as the relative reach of the different sources of attention.

Please note that the Altmetric Attention Score can't tell you anything about the quality of the research output. We always recommend that you read through the actual mentions listed in each tab, in addition to the output itself.

Can I be alerted if anybody mentions this research output?

Yes! If you'd like to be alerted whenever someone shares or discusses this output, then you can sign up for e-mail alerts. Just click on "Alert me about new mentions" on the Summary Tab of this details page.

You can receive alerts for more than one research output tracked by Altmetric. Alerts are sent out as a digest once a day, provided that there has been some activity around at least one watched output.

You've missed a mention! Who can I speak to?

If you're waiting for a news story or blog post to appear, then please give it at least a day. We try to pick up mentions as quickly as possible, but sometimes it could take a little longer to process everything, especially during peak times. Occasionally we may miss mentions for other reasons.

If more than a day has passed and the mention still hasn’t appeared, then please fill out this form. Your request will go to our support team, who will take a look and update your Altmetric details page as soon as possible. You can also reach out to us on Twitter at @altmetric.

Using Twitter data

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